Coachella Ticket Giveaway

Winners announced September 29, 2017.

For every 25 points you earn, you will get a party favor. Party favors can be redeemed in the bthere store for local deals on food, drinks, and events. You can also buy exclusive pins to have the best avatar in your circle (hello party cat!).

It’s important to note that when you activate a local deal, you have 24 hours to redeem it. So get in there and treat yo’self!

Helping close friends stay connected (and safe) with bthere

by Ben Johanson

When I started bthere, I had a simple vision: to build a tool that makes it easier to get together and be there for our friends in real life.

After someone I love was sexually assaulted on a night out, I spent two years talking to college students across the country, trying to understand how to create safer environments on college campuses. Those conversations led me to believe one thing: that together, we are the best solution. We created bthere to empower close friends to be there for each other, in good times and bad.

Today, bthere is the first messaging app built for friends in real life, helping close circles of friends swap screen time for face-to-face time and then rewarding them for every minute they spend together.

It’s difficult for friends to stay together during parties and nights out, so bthere offers streamlined features for getting together, such as location-sharing, group text, and emergency shortcuts.

We love social media, but we also know it can at times be alienating. Studies show that as face time between friends decreases and screen time increases, there are spikes in anxiety and depression. We believe there's nothing that replaces the memories, conversations, and laughs that come with spending time together in real life. We want to create a world that celebrates the friends that will be there for us no matter what.

Our mission at bthere is to strengthen friendships in an increasingly disconnected, social media-focused culture. “We are better together,” is our mantra. We believe getting together with friends is the real reward; the “rewards” we offer through free gear, contests, and discounts are just an added bonus. Consider it our way of celebrating with you.

Here’s to getting together more with friends IRL.

About bthere
bthere is a group messaging and location-sharing app on a mission to bring close friends together, for extraordinary face-to-face experiences and moments that matter. Users can create their circles of friends and get free gear, perks, and rewards for every minute they spend together in real life. Headquartered in Austin, TX, bthere believes we are better together.