Group location sharing for friends IRL.

Earn real-world prizes just for hanging out with your friends.

The best way to get your friends together, whether you’re staying in or going out.

  • Create circles

    Create new circles for your friends, roommates, or family.

  • Chat plus map

    Send group messages to your entire circle and see where everyone is on the interactive map.

  • Show status

    Display your battery life, send an SOS when you’re in trouble, and alert your friends when you’re home safely.

Drop a piñata to show everyone where it’s going down.

  • Event planning

    Let your friends know the time, place, and theme of your next party just by dropping a piñata within your circle.

  • Earn 1.5 multiplier

    Feeling competitive? Earn extra points for contests when your circle spends time together within a piñata radius.

  • Get notified

    Never miss a beat. bthere will let you know when your friends come and go from the piñata location.

Earn points and get rewarded for just hanging out with your friends.

  • Earn points just for hanging out

    Get points for spending time with your friends. The more points you get, the more stuff you can buy. See how you stack up in the leaderboard.

  • Visit the shop and treat yo'self

    Get bthere swag, custom avatars, and local deals around Austin for food, drinks, and events. Don’t be shy, go ahead and order that second slice of pizza.

  • Enter contests to win big

    bthere is always giving away big prizes to circles with the highest score. ACL tickets, trips to vegas, you name it. Stay close to your friends to win.